Kim Kardashian Brutally Clapped Back At Lindsay Lohan For Shading Her New Cornrows

Kim Kardashian with cornrows and Lindsay Lohan
Twitter / @KimKardashian and Youtube / Entertainment Tonight

When I woke up this morning, I found myself in a time warp. What year is it? 2000? It sure feels like it, because I never would have expected a feud between Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan to hit the news cycle otherwise. But here we are: the two are at odds again, thanks to Kim K’s new hairdo.

To be fair, the Kardashian’s cornrows — which she called Bo Derek braids — has sparked a lot of backlash. Because, you know, cultural appropriation. When she tweeted this photo of herself, it was one of the first things people pointed out.

Perez Hilton, professional celebrity gossiper, Instagrammed a picture of Kim’s new look and asked his fans for their thoughts.

One of those fans? Lindsay Lohan, apparently. She commented, “I am confused,” either because she didn’t understand why Kardashian would appropriate the hairstyle or because she just didn’t get the look, period. Unfortunately for her, Kim K happened to see the comment, and she had some major shade to throw at the ex-teen star.

“you know what’s confusing… your sudden foreign accent,” Kim replied.

Okay, sorry Lindsay, I think Kim is the winner here. I’m not here to advocate for the cornrows, but there was something really fucking weird about the strange accent Lohan adopted in some of her more recent interviews in Dubai.

Honestly, all petty feuds should be reserved for stars from the 2000s. They’re the only ones who actually make celebrity gossip fun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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