Jimmy Fallon Asked His Fans To Share Their Worst First Date Stories On Twitter And They’re Hilarious

Flickr / celebrityabc and Twitter / @jimmyfallon

Almost everyone has a first date horror story. For instance: I once went on a date with a friend without realizing it was actually a date and ended up bringing along my best friend, successfully ruining any chance of ever having a date with that person again. At the time, I felt horrible, but looking back it’s pretty hilarious. Maybe everything’s funnier in hindsight?

Jimmy Fallon asked his fans to tweet their own stories with #WorstFirstDates for the hashtag segment of his show.

He started out with his own worst first date, which, to be fair, seemed less his fault and more like the universe just wanted to punish him.

Others joined in and started tweeting about their own terrible first dates, which are honestly pretty hilarious. Seriously, some of these things are straight out of a sitcom.

There were plenty of incredibly awkward stories involving family, which just got weirder and weirder…

And then there were the terrible dates that had genuinely amazing endings.


They’re all pretty hilarious (and terrible, and traumatizing), but if you ask me, this one is the winner:

If you have your own terrible first date stories, please share them with me. I LIVE for this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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