A Food Delivery Guy Stole This Woman’s Number From His Work To Send Her These Creepy Texts

Michelle MidWinter and the creepy texts the delivery man sent her
Twitter / @ShelbyTree

In today’s society, you almost can’t do anything without your phone — you need the number to apply for jobs, download apps and even order food to your house. Unfortunately, that means your phone number is out there for a lot of people to find — even people who are a little creepy.

That’s what Twitter user Michelle Midwinter realized when she got these weird texts from someone claiming to be a “fan.”

Twitter / @ShelbyTree

It turns out, the mysterious texter was the food deliverer from Michelle’s Just Eat order, which is pretty unsettling. Michelle decided to contact the company, but they offered little support.

Twitter / @ShelbyTree

Unfortunately, Just Eat didn’t do much but offer her a voucher — and didn’t do anything about the fact that one of their employees used her contact information for something besides work.

Michelle tweeted about the terrible service, and it turns out, she’s not the only person who’s had this kind of problem.

Okay, gross. This is a serious problem — especially if the person is using your number/information to harass you. Why does anyone think this is okay?

As the story made rounds around the internet, people had a lot to say about it, including the Information Commissioner’s Office, an independent UK organization meant to uphold information rights in the public interest. They tweeted:

So yeah, next time a businessperson tries to use your number for something other than their service, report it. It’s 100% a violation of your privacy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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