16 Weird Facts About Sex Even Your Most Experienced Friend Won’t Know

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1. If you’re allergic to brazil nuts, you might have an allergic reaction during sex

If you’re allergic to brazil nuts and have sex with somebody who just ate some, you might have an allergic reaction. It’s the only sexually transmitted allergic reaction we know of (so far).

— Erft

2. There’s a female version of ‘phallic’

The female version of phallic is yonic.

— alter_ego77

3. ‘Bukkake’ doesn’t actually mean what you think it means

Most people have heard the term bukkake from porn. This is actually a Japanese word that means “to pour over’. There’s a delicious Japanese dish traditionally had for breakfast called Tamago Bukkake Gohan’. Which essentially means egg poured over rice.

— Tippynut

4. There’s a reason it’s easier for women to have sex at certain times

The Cervix has a cycle where it raises up into the body making it easier/more comfortable to have sex if a woman is at the opposite point on her cycle from her period and lowers down making it harder the closer it is to her period.

— haelesor

5. Male orgasms last longer than you think

The male orgasm starts with ejaculation. It can last longer than most women think. Men don’t ejaculate because they had had an orgasm, they do so because they are orgasming.

Too often I’ve seen women stop when the liquid part starts and that’s just bad.

— not_better

6. Water has the opposite effective of lube

Water is the opposite of lube

— createusername32

7. Human sperm isn’t the only kind that can penetrate human eggs

Human eggs can be penetrated by hamster’s sperm.

— Cyborg_Sorachi

8. The clit is much bigger than you think

What most people think is the clitoris is actually just the glans of the clitoris. The clitoris is actually a much larger organ that extends internally around the vaginal opening and has a ring around the vagina itself. Odds are that internal orgasm are actually clitoral orgasms. It is mostly comprised of erectile tissue and so can “get hard” with proper stimulation.

— Ugh_ughzee

9. Orgasms can help with headaches

Orgasm can get rid of a headache, at least for men

— TheQwertyPickle

10. There’s a very sensitive, concealed part of the penis

As a man ejaculates, you can gently compress the base of the penis which is concealed in the scrotum to reach greater levels of pleasure.

Like… the peen doesn’t just stick out yo pube mound. It goes deeper within, and can be tantalized

— Saucy_Apples

11. The penis and the clitoris are anatomically the same body part

The penis and the clitoris are anatomically the same body part, altered only by hormones that make one grow. The scar under your scrotum is a closed vagina. We are all formed from a unisex template.

— porncompilationguy

12. It’s easier for women to conceive after they’ve just given birth

That it’s much easier to conceive, and women are much more fertile, when they’ve just given birth. Loads of people think “hey ho, her period hasn’t started again yet, let’s go for it,” hence loads of siblings born a year apart.

— PJM1990

13. Most women can’t orgasm from penetrative sex

Most women can’t orgasm from penetrative sex. Depending on the study, it can be as low as 20% or as high 50% that can. I can’t remember if it was Masters and Johnson or Kinsey for the high number. Most studies I have read that it is around 1/3 of women that can orgasm from penetrative sex.

95% of women can orgasm from clitoral stimulation.

I am not saying that the majority of women don’t want or enjoy penetrative sex, but the for the majority a man can pound away all day in every position and she isn’t going to achieve orgasm.

You would be surprised how many women don’t even know this. They think they or their partners are doing something wrong or they are the minority, the reality is they are the majority.

— Jukung11

14. The brain doesn’t control ejaculation

Late but; the part of the body that controls ejaculation is not actually in the brain, its in the spine. A dude who gets decapitated can still ejaculate.

— Limfao93

15. You still produce semen after a vasectomy

After a vasectomy you still produce semen. I thought you would just get the feeling but nothing would come out again. I never knew sperm and semen were not the same thing until the doctor performing mine told me. The only difference is sperm from the testes doesn’t get mixed into the semen after you have a vasectomy. You won’t be able to tell the difference.

— fatherping

16. There’s a reason why some people sneeze when they’re aroused

The nose has the same kind of erectile tissue found in the genitals, which is why some people may sneeze when they get aroused.

— Whoosier Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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