Vine Is Making A Comeback Soon, So Here’s Our Top 10 Favorite Videos From The Old Version

Introducing V2, the next version of vine
Twitter / @dhof

Y’all remember Vine, right? The video-sharing app that literally transformed Internet comedy into what it is today?

Twitter shut the app down in 2016, which was honestly a tragedy for Internet junkies who just wanted a good laugh. The content was weird af, but it was gold. People demanded the app return, and apparently the Internet gods heard them.

That’s right, Vine might actually be returning soon — at least that’s what this tweet from Dom Hofmann, co-founder of Vine, seems to suggest.

Trust me, people are stoked.

So to celebrate the return of the best website in the world, here’s a bunch of our favorite Vines to tide you over till V2 is finally released.

1. This really is some impressive aim.

2. “The floor is lava!”

3. “Come over…”

4. Come on, grandma!

5. We’re all a little like this inside…

6. Well, I didn’t see that coming.

7. It’s LIT.

8. Josh Peck always has been and always will be a legend.

9. This is a little TOO real.

10. Rare footage of me, circa 1994

Please come back soon, Vine. The world’s been an awful place without you. TC mark

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