This Woman Showed Her Fiancé One Of Her Childhood Photos And What He Noticed In The Background Is Mind Blowing

Unsplash / Max Goncharov

Sometimes it’s honestly hard not to believe in fate when there are such crazy coincidences in the world. Have you ever met a stranger and, after talking for a bit, realized you have a lot of common connections? Or dated someone that you later found out spent time at all the same places you did when you were children? Meeting someone like that is honestly insane.

Like this woman, who posted a photo on her Instagram because she noticed something quite interesting in the background…

That’s right, she was photobombed by her own fiancé WAY before she ever met him.

The Instagram caption read:

One day I was looking at this old beach photo that was taken 10 years ago and showed my fiance (now) the photo so we can have a laugh and run down memory lane, @mirandbuzaku being the type to look behind the photo he noticed the kid in the back had the same shirt,shorts and floaty as him , we analyzed further and confirmed with family members that its him photobombing my family photo

How crazy is that?

People in the comments section were definitely in love with the couple and the idea that it was definitely fate.

What can we say? Sometimes the universe just knows. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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