This Woman Complained That She Hadn’t Had A Day Off In Weeks, But Her Mom Savagely Called Her Out On Facebook

Woman posting to facebook about not having a vacation for weeks
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Most of us know what it’s like to want a vacation from life. Work, school, family and friends can all be great things, but that doesn’t mean they don’t stress you tf out sometimes.

So when this woman posted on Facebook that she was finally glad to have a day to herself after four crazy weeks, it seemed relatable enough — that is, until her Mom decided to comment.

Reddit / smatpith

Okay, girl, you officially lost me.

To be fair, going to Disney World really can be exhausting if you’re there with kids — as some Reddit commenters pointed out, it can be both emotionally and mentally draining. Maybe it is a first world problem, but hey, I guess it’s still a problem. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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