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This Thirsty AF Guy Used His FB Friend’s Heartbreaking Post About His Father’s Death To Hit On Him

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Unsplash / Warren Wong and Reddit / JadeShade

There are plenty of inappropriate times to hit on someone. Like, I don’t know, at work. Or when they’re stuck behind a counter dealing with you at their job. Funerals should probably be off the list too. Most of these should be common sense, but apparently some people aren’t great at picking up social cues.

Reddit user JadeShade‘s father passed away recently, which probably made it a little less weird when people he didn’t know well reached out to him — after all, even strangers send their condolences sometimes. But one guy definitely took it a step too far when he used a heartbreaking post about JadeShade’s father as an opportunity to ask him out.

Reddit / JadeShade

Um, excuse me??? It doesn’t even sound like he’s saying “I’m sorry” about his loss, just for assuming they were dating. What a tool.

According to JadeShade, me didn’t actually know the guy very well — he was just an online friend from his Myspace days, which definitely makes the whole thing that much more awkward.

Let’s just say JadeShade isn’t about to forget about the message anytime soon, that’s for sure:

“fo’ realz” is going to haunt my life

Apparently JadeShade hasn’t responded to him yet, but that’s probably for the best. TC mark

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