This Teen’s Family Put Her In Charge Of ‘Elf On A Shelf’, So She Used It To Savagely Troll Her Siblings

Twitter / @alexismarie21__

Let me start by saying this: Elf on the Shelf is the creepiest fucking thing that has ever happened to Christmas in the entire history of Christmas. Are you telling me that parents actually want their kids to believe some creepy, doll-sized creature is Big Brothering them in the spirit of the holidays? Y’all are weird af.

But anyway, it’s A Thing that I must acknowledge, since it’s apparently a tradition now. And hey, sometimes people manage to use it for a nice laugh. Like Twitter user , who was told she was in charge of doing Elf on the Shelf for her siblings for a night. Let’s just say she got creative.

Like using him to play the alcohol police.

Twitter / @alexismarie21__

Not to mention using it as a great excuse to social media stalk her siblings.

Twitter / @alexismarie21__

And okay, this is a good one.

Twitter / @alexismarie21__

Honestly, this girl deserves all the awards.

Can she just take over Elf on the Shelf for the rest of the holiday season? It’s a lot less creepy when it’s actually funny. TC mark

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