This Guy Wouldn’t Stop Trolling His Friend With His Security Camera And A Full-Blown Prank War Ensued

Twitter / @NickKocher

What are friends for, if not to make your life utterly miserable by making you the target of all their pranks? Or is that just my friends? Not sure, but apparently, I’m not completely alone.

Nick Kocher, a TV writer known for his work on SNL and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, had a pretty crazy story about a recent prank war he had with his friend Jon while he was staying in his house. Honestly, the whole thing is so bizarre I can’t stop LOLing.

It all started with Nick had his coat stolen…

But despite leaving such valuable items in the coat, nothing happened. Still, he had quite a bit of fun with the camera.

But while he was out of town for the weekend, he decided to let his friend crash at his place… without telling him about the camera.

At least, at first.

It all seems pretty fun at first.

You’ve got to watch this video — it’s actually pretty hilarious.

By now, it’s an all-out prank war, mostly on Nick’s side than anything.

Nick’s friend tried to cover up the camera to make it stop…

… but unfortunately, Nick had other plans.

Wow, what a wild ride. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not Nick’s friend Jon.

And also, you should probably just change your damn lock, Nick.

Seriously, dude, better safe than sorry!

Anyway, no wonder he’s able to write for such great TV shows — his life is basically a sitcom as it is, though it looks a lot more fun for him than anyone else. Let’s all pour one out for all of Nick’s poor, abused friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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