This Guy Told His GF To Turn Down A Promotion ‘If She Loved Him’ And Someone Live Tweeted The Whole Wild Argument

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If you’re in a serious relationship, you know the importance of making decisions together — after all, if you’re planning to spend your life together, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you’re on the same page. But what if you and your partner don’t want the same things? In fact, what if what your partner wants is exactly what you don’t want?

Twitter user @mzbat was at the airport when she overheard a couple arguing about their future. Well, arguing about the woman’s future, at least.

Okay, that’s pretty infuriating, tbh. If someone asked me to sabotage my own career for their own damn ego, I’d be pissed.

But it just gets worse from there.

Is it too early on to say I gave up hope on the girl? Because I did — but then the fight escalated.

Oh girl, don’t you dare take that shit.

This is honestly the drama I live for.

But while this argument may seem overdramatic or overblown to some people, the truth is this: stuff like this happens. Though we’re living in a world where it’s normal for women to be in the workforce, there’s still a stark double standard in the professional world regarding gender (and don’t get me started on all the other factors). In fact, when I asked several men about how they’d feel if their female significant other was making more than them, quite a few admitted they’d feel some discomfort — instead of being proud of their partners, they admitted they were more uncomfortable with the fact that their position as breadwinner was being threatened, and therefore they might not be needed at all.

Sorry, guys, the world is changing. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to live off a single income and besides, a lot of women genuinely like working and building their career. It’s better to just accept it and want the best for your partner than to try to stifle them — after all, you don’t want to end up like the dude in the airport. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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