This Girl Left A Savage Note For Santa In The Snow And It’s Super Relatable To Anyone Who Has Siblings

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If you have a sibling, you know that while there can be a lot of love between you two, but also a whole lot of hate. You know what they say: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.

Honestly, when I was a child, I often got in trouble for trying to sell my baby brother to random passersby (mostly because he spent all night screaming and three-year-old me missed her beauty sleep). But apparently I’m not alone on this one — one little girl left a memorable note for Santa in the snow.

The girl, nine-year-old Jennifer Murphy, wrote, “Santa stop here. Leave presents. Take brother!”

I mean, honestly, can you blame a girl? Sometimes brothers legitimately suck.

But let’s just say that this isn’t a great way to get into Santa’s good graces.

Santa, you can take my brother too. TC mark

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