This ESL Student Wrote About Friendship For A Class Assignment And It’s Heartbreakingly Profound

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Unsplash / Green Chameleon and Imgur / likestowatchfatpeopleeat

Honestly, I think teachers have some of the most interesting jobs in the world, in part because they get a taste of the world’s future talent long before it’s recognized. They meet the future’s scientists, philosophers, and writers while they’re still young, and sometimes they see their potential early on.

Like Imgur user , who teaches English as a second language to second graders. Every once in a while she stumbles across a gem from one of her students, something that “make[s] [her] laugh then cry then laugh then cry some more,” such as this little nugget of wisdom:

Imgur / likestowatchfatpeopleeatThe piece read:

There are many ships in the world but the biggest ship is friendship and when it breaks it creates a huge disaster.

Okay, I’m going to be real: that one got me. As someone who has been through plenty of friend troubles in her life, I can honestly say friendship breakups are some of the hardest things to get through.

People were definitely able to relate. In fact, it made some commenters a little nostalgic.

I hope this student becomes a writer someday. If a 13-year-old can make someone like me, who’s over a decade older than them, feel such a strong connection to what they’re saying, I can’t even imagine what they’ll be able to write when they’re older. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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