This Dumbass Website Is Advertising Plus-Size Tights In The Worst Possible Way and Twitter / @mollyxflanagan

Wanna piss off your customers so much that you become a trending topic on Twitter? Easy — just advertise your products as tastelessly and offensively as possible. definitely did that, that’s for sure. The online retailer, which is similar to Amazon, is selling their plus-size tights in the worst way: by having non-plus size models posing in the tights to show how big they actually are.

Some of the photos showed models fitting their entire bodies into one leg of the tights.

Really, Instead of just choosing picture of plus-size models wearing your product, you’re going to make women feel shitty about themselves by showing how those same tights look on smaller models?

People certainly weren’t pleased with the way the company decided to handle it, and they were quick to use all 280 Twitter characters to explain just why.

Some people claimed the website is actually notorious for stealing product images from other sites, and that the pictures aren’t actually of plus-size tights at all — they’re actually super flexible magical stockings from Amazon, and the models are showing how far they can stretch the tights without them tearing.

See, here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter if they just stole the photos. The fact that the company is still using them to sell plus-size tights is pretty shitty. Instead, they should have found something that would accurately represent their product and customers, not something that’s straight up insensitive and insulting.

Basically, if you want to sell a product, don’t piss off your fanbase. may have gotten a ton of press over this, but I doubt anyone’s going to be buying those tights anytime soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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