This Alt-Right Journalist Wanted Fans To Ask Him Questions, But He Ended Up Getting Brutally Roasted Instead

Twitter / @Cernovich and Reddit / PeteIRL

I love the vigilante justice of social media, especially when it comes to terribly sexist, racist online trolls. Mike Cernovich, a conservative media personality and journalist, seems to fit the bill: just look at some of his problematic tweets from the past.

Cernovich has been particularly sketchy when it comes to women. He advocates for the “gorilla mindset” model of dating and wrote a blog post about why date rape is, essentially, not real and a harmful concept for both men and women. Yeah, okay buddy. He also wrote one of the most disgusting blog posts I’ve ever seen called “When In Down, Whip It Out“, which he explains, in detail, about how he started masturbating over a girl when she wouldn’t have sex with him. “Next time, don’t settle for the make out. If possible, at least pull out your dick,” he wrote. Please excuse me while I vomit.

So it’s not exactly surprising that Cernovich has his enemies. Like, a lot of them. Honestly, does anyone besides the Trumps actually like this guy?

Cernovich hosted an Ask Me Anything on Reddit earlier today, inviting friends (and foes) to comment questions for him to respond to. And because this is the beautiful, beautiful Internet, people took it as the chance to troll Cernovich for all his controversial opinions and actions.

Here are some gems:

Twitter / @JordanUhl
Twitter / @JordanUhl

Twitter / @oneunderscore_

Even the Reddit moderator couldn’t help but take a swing at him.

Twitter / @da_fallon

Honestly, watching someone get so publicly dragged has never felt so beautiful.

Thanks, Redditors, you’re the realest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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