These Parents Pranked Their Daughter By Swapping Out Her Lorde Tickets For Something A Little Holier

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I’m absolutely positive that every kid has a story about a parent misunderstanding what they wanted for Christmas and giving them the entirely wrong thing (even if it’s willfully on your parents part). I remember hoping to find a phone under the Christmas tree when I was in high school, and I did — except it was fake and entirely made of foam.

It looks like parents’ humor is evolving, because they just keep getting better and better at the fake outs. Like these parents, who knew their daughter wanted Lorde tickets but who knew she needed something just a little holier.

That’s right — instead of tickets to see the badass songstress, they got her tickets to see the terrible preacher Joel Osteen speak instead.

Twitter / @JorjiIsAwesome
Twitter / @JorjiIsAwesome

Let’s just say we definitely aren’t jealous.

Not that it’s the first time a parent has ever pulled this shit.

Luckily, though, the whole thing was just a joke — her mother wasn’t about to go on letting the world think she was a bad gift giver.

Hey, she got four presents for the price of one: a Lorde concert, a viral tweet, heart-stopping panic at the sight of Joel Osteen’s name and a great laugh. TC mark

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