These High School Students Snapchatted Super Racist Videos Pretending To Shoot And Kill Black People

Twitter / @insaneforjo

Well, this is pretty fucking bad: last night, a disturbing video of a high schoolers shooting guns and yelling “I kill n*****s” surfaced on Twitter last night. Yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds.

Here’s the video and the tweet that exposed them:

Jo Marie Santana, a student at Lakeview Centennial High in Garland Texas, screen recorded the video after seeing it on one of her classmate’s Snap stories, reported babe. She uploaded the video with the caption, “someone slid up saying ‘those are my friends, they’re just playing around with it’. What the fuck is wrong with this generation?”

Jo told babe that this wasn’t the first time these students had posted something racist to Snapchat, but they always claimed it was “just a joke.”

It turns out, no one really found it very funny.

The man who uploaded the video told babe: “Sorry for saying n*****. It was meant to enhance the joke.” K.

It’s almost 2018 and shit like this still happens, guys. Can we all stop being racist pieces of trash yet? Please and thank you.

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