People On Twitter Shared Their Sweetest ‘Meet Cute’ Stories And They’ll Make You Believe In Love At First Sight

Unsplash / Kristina Litvjak and Twitter / @downsanddirty

Everyone loves a good meet cute, but we usually see them in the movies — you know, like the two lovers who meet by accidentally running into each other in a crowded airport and apologize profusely when the impact knocks everything out of their hands. Things like that can’t happen in real life, right?

Wrong. Apparently meet cutes are a real thing, and they’re just as cute irl as they are in movies and TV shows. Twitter user @bookavid asked her followers for their meet cute stories and honestly, they’re all so surreal they’ll make you believe in fate.

  1. He was outside her window like a literal Romeo

2. It was love at first sight

3. They were sweethearts

4. She took their wedding photos the day after they met

5. They hopped on one foot together for a minute

6. Her dad fell off a horse and her mom rescued him

7. Her parents were dance partners

8. She yelled at her husband the first time she met him

9. They locked eyes from across the gym

10. She was his French tutor

11. They played a duet together

12. They met at a party (where they were two of four people there)

13. He was her skydiving instructor

14. They sat next to each other on a Christmas Eve flight

15. They were in a sleep study together

16. Her parents met at a country club ball

17. She worked at a gym he was a member of

18. She flirted with him to make him feel better

19. Her mom gave him permission to marry him before they dated

20. She interviewed him for her YA novel

21. She asked a stranger at a bar if he’d go out with her

22. He offered to carry her luggage at the airport

23. They met at college orientation

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