Chrissy Teigen’s 11-Hour Flight Mysteriously Turned Around Halfway Through, So She Started Live-Tweeting The Whole Damn Thing

Twitter / @chrissyteigen and Unsplash / Jordan Sanchez

Chrissy Teigen is perhaps the most beloved celebrity of our time, but that’s no surprise. Not only is she funny, but she’s incredibly relatable and not afraid to to tell the world. Her social media presence will almost make you feel like she’s your friend — you know, just a really popular friend. Still, she uses outlets like Twitter to interact with fans, asking them for advice and broadcasting the latest happenings in her life.

So when she started tweeting about how her 11-hour flight mysteriously got turned around four hours in, it’s no surprise that the thread went viral as everyone began tuning in to see wtf was happening with her.

Trust me, the whole thing is pretty wild. Fans were sure to keep a close eye on what was happening.

Teigen claimed that all the crew would tell her was that someone had gotten on the plane that shouldn’t be there, which is a pretty mortifying mistake if that’s the case. But also… what?

After all, is one person going to the wrong place enough to turn a plane with 150 people around?

But, sure enough, Teigen ended up landing in the same airport she’d taken off from.

The Internet had plenty of jokes for Teigen, which, naturally, she loved. (Also, can you imagine being on an 8 hour flight from LAX to LAX with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend? Iconic.)

But even when the plane landed, things didn’t go so smoothly — and that’s when Teigen started to get suspicious of what was happening.

Seriously, this seems a little more dramatic than just some person getting on the wrong plane.

While the mysterious plane debacle was being sorted out by authorities, Chrissy was sent to a room with a TV to wait it out for a while. As you can imagine, she wasn’t pleased — I mean, sure, The Real Housewives is great, but not when there’s a real-life mystery to solve!

Seriously, I know Chrissy is much prettier and richer and more popular than I will ever be, but can we be friends???

People had a lot of questions about what was going on, and Chrissy at least tried to answer some of them.

After a certain point, her updates became less about what had happened to the flight and more about what was happening in the lounge, where she and her boo ate ramen and watched TV. Okay, I can think of worse things than eating instant ramen while cuddling up with John Legend.

But hours later, nothing had changed.

Though eventually, Chrissy at least did get on another flight, which, by that point, seemed like a miracle.

Though honestly even that seemed super bizarre.

But out of this whole mess, the best thing that probably came from it were the weird conspiracy theories about how the plane was probably turned around because Chrissy and John Legend were wanted by the authorities, probably in relation to the Illuminati.

Come on, guys, if Chrissy Teigen were wanted, do you think she would tweet about the entire thing??? Be rational here.

Luckily, Teigen’s flight finally took off, ending the crazy saga of how Chrissy Teigen and John Legend ended up taking an eight-hour flight from LAX to LAX because “the wrong person got on the plane.”

I’m kind of sad that we might never figure out what actually happened, though — obviously it was a bigger deal than the flight attendants were making it out to be. If you figure anything out, Chrissy, please let us know. I’ll be waiting (im)patiently for updates. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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