Uber Banned This Dumbass Woman For Her Super Racist Tweets About Muslim Drivers

Twitter / @LauraLoomer and Unsplash / Alexander Redi

Uber hasn’t gotten the best press this year. From sexual harassment allegations to a criminal investigations to sexist advertising, the company has been under fire again and again in 2017. But they finally may be getting some good press this year by banning a far-right activist for racist comments she made about Muslim drivers.

Former Project Veritas activist Laura Loomer took to Facebook the day after the attack in New York to complain about the use of Muslim drivers.

Loomer claimed that if she could, she would avoid any business that she would avoid any Muslim-owned businesses, but that immigration was making that almost impossible.

She even went out of her way to find non-Muslim drivers during her commutes.

Uber banned Loomer from their service due to a violation of the community’s platform. Soon after, Lyft also deactivated Loomer’s account. And, naturally, the Internet clapped back.

Honestly, unless you just want to read a bunch of anti-Muslim, racist bullshit, I wouldn’t bother looking at Loomer’s account. BUT, there was this gem, which she tweeted after the controversy:

Yeah, sure, girl, what you’re doing is so heroic. But better than the tweet was this reply:

Maybe Twitter should be the next to ban her. Just a thought. TC mark

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