This Woman’s Hair Fell Out After Using A New Beauty Product And It’s Proof You Should Always Read The Warning Labels

Hannah Forcier in her video about losing her hair from hair relaxer
Youtube / Hannah Forcier

Buzzcuts are definitely in (just ask Cara Delevingne), but this Youtube star definitely didn’t mean to get one intentionally. Instead, her story is a cautionary tale about why you should definitely read the warning signs on hair products before you use them.

In Hannah Forcier’s video, titled “how all my hair fell out by making one mistake: story time,” the Internet icon explained how she lost all of her hair — completely on accident.

According to Forcier, she used to keep her hair as a bob, which she often bleached and dyed pink. Since her hair was naturally curly, she straightened her hair daily, and she began to worry how this might be damaging her hair. She decided to buy hair relaxer from a drugstore instead.

But when Forcier put the product in her hair and jumped in the shower, her worst nightmare was realized — her hair began falling out in clumps. “I could feel my hair coming out and going down my back, and you could hear it splashing in the water,” she explained in the video. She knew it was bad, but she had no idea until she looked in the mirror. By then, most of her hair was gone.

Forcier’s biggest mistake was not looking at the warning sign on the product before using it, which cautioned people with bleached hair about using the product.

“One second I was applying the hair product then I was washing it out thoroughly but more than the product came out,” Forcier wrote in the video description. “If only I’d read the ‘do not use on bleached hair warning on the instructions.”

The incident was particularly hard on Forcier, who said she often used her hair to express herself. Forcier was forced to shave her head and has since then experimented with different wigs (which all look really rad, by the way).

I think we can all learn something from Hannah’s experience. First of all, always read the warnings on products before you use them. Research them. Find out everything you can because you’re using them on your body and it’s important to know what you’re doing to them. But also, I think we can also learn that maybe we put a little too much of our identity into our appearances. Hannah doesn’t need her hair to be the beautiful woman that she is. She — and we — are beautiful regardless. TC mark

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