This Woman Shut Down A Fuckboy Who Wouldn’t Stop Texting Her And His Response Is Everything That’s Wrong With Modern Dating

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You know what’s the worst part about modern dating culture? Dealing with dumbass dudes who can’t take rejection (or a hint). It literally makes me want to punch myself in the throat.

Imgur user Anna might be right on board with me after this terrible text exchange with some fuckboy who seriously can’t seem to walk away with dignity and grace. From the very beginning, the whole conversation is cringeworthy — mostly because it’s obvious but Anna’s polite but short replies that she’s really not interested.

Imgur / annagoblin

You know it’s going to be bad when someone asks, “Can we talk about something?”

Imgur / annagoblin
Imgur / annagoblin

And the truth came out: not only did Anna have a boyfriend, but Joe kind of sucks as a person.

Imgur / annagoblin
Imgur / annagoblin

Um, the fuck???

Okay, THIS is why dudes are getting such a bad rap these days. Significant other or not, you literally can’t be mad at someone for not being interested in you. She wasn’t insulting Joe or saying they couldn’t be friends, she just wasn’t flirting with him. And because of that, she’s a “bitch.” Can I punch myself in the throat yet?

Let’s be real, here: if Anna had told him she had a boyfriend earlier, Joe would have freaked out about how full of herself she was for thinking he was hitting on her. I’d bet my life savings on it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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