This Woman Hilariously Trolled The Hell Out Of A Fuckboy Who Sent Her Sexts On Instagram

Instagram DMs from a fuckboy and a woman playing on her phone while drinking iced coffee
Unsplash / and Twitter / @bridgetstfu

The fuckboys have struck again. The Internet is full of dudes’ terrible attempts to slide into women’s DMs, and this is just another one. But this time, this woman knew exactly how to strike back.

It all started when some dude decided to message this woman over Instagram. He didn’t bother breaking the ice before going straight for the punch: “Your hot as fuck girl.”

Twitter / @bridgetstfu

When the guy asked if she “sex chat”, the woman decided to roll with it — because this woman was not unprepared. She had a plan.

Twitter / @bridgetstfu

And this is where I literally died laughing.

Twitter / @bridgetstfu
Twitter / @bridgetstfu

RIP me. And RIP this man’s sex drive, which has hopefully forever been changed. TC mark

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