This Mom Found A Hilarious Way To Cover Up Her Kid’s Wall Drawing And It’s The Key To Good Parenting

If you have children (or if you’re like me and you’ve had a lifelong gig as a babysitter), you know kids can be a handful. They’re not always going to do what they’re supposed to do — in fact, sometimes they’re going to do things that they definitely know they’re not supposed to do. And trust me, it’s frustrating as hell.

But according to this dad, it’s a lot easier to handle when your partner has a sense of humor. When their kid drew on the wall, she found the perfect way to handle it.

Here is said wall drawing:

Twitter / @DrMassicotte

And here is the damage control:

Twitter / @DrMassicotte
Twitter / @DrMassicotte

Okay, this is perfect. If my future husband doesn’t approve of this method, it’s obvious that we aren’t really meant to be. Humor is obviously the key to good parenting — and also, to a happy life in general.

We can only imagine this child’s next masterpiece.

Honestly, this is parenting done right.

If only my parents would have appreciated my masterpieces when I was still living in their house and taking Sharpies to all their walls. If only. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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