This Family’s Hilarious Christmas Card Will Remind You How Single AF You Are

A Family Christmas card with an engaged couple, an expecting couple, excited parents, and a single daughter
Twitter / @cantseawright

Being single over the holidays isn’t always easy, if only because everyone in your family will be hounding you about that “special someone” over dinner. Really, I couldn’t care less about not having someone to kiss under the mistletoe, but can you stop asking when I’m going to get married, Aunt Margaret?!

Twitter User Emily Seawright captured the feeling perfectly in her family’s hilarious (and brutally honest) Christmas card.

Um, okay, why is this so damn real????

Naturally, the picture gained a lot of attention from us singles in the world.

Others decided this was a great chance to shoot their shot.

Some users even shared their own versions of the photo (and, spoiler alert, they’re all perfect).

If I’m going to be honest, I’d rather have the Egg McMuffin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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