This Dad Freaked Out When He Found A ‘Disgusting Toy’ In His Daughter’s Room And Her Response Was Priceless

Teen was confronted by her dad about a sex toy that was actually a phone charger
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If you thought having “the talk” with your parents was awkward, trying being confronted by your dad about having a sex toy. Not that I’d know from personal experience (I promise), but this teen’s own awkward conversation is all I need to know that I never, ever want to be in that situation.

It all started with a text message from her father while she was at a friend’s house.

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The only problem is that it wasn’t quite what the father thought it was…

Twitter / @__emmiilly

LOL. Classic parenting mistake, amirite?

It turns out she’s not the only one with some, erm, awkward family stories.

Honestly, though, it would’ve been a better story if she snitched on her dad.

Still, Dad shouldn’t be hating on vibrators. People have needs. Sorry not sorry. TC mark

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