This Behind-The-Scenes Story About Taylor Swift’s Appearance On Jimmy Fallon’s Show Is Making Everyone On Twitter Emotional

Taylor Swift hugs Jimmy Fallon after she performs "New Years Day" on his show
Youtube / The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Jimmy Fallon made his return to the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon for the first time since his mom passed away. His opening monologue was expectedly emotional as Fallon paid tribute to his mother and recounted how his mother used to always squeeze his hand when he was younger and say, “I love you.”

Through tears, Fallon told the audience about one of his last moments with his number one fan:

“Last week I was in the hospital, and I grabbed her hand and squeezed. ‘I love you.’ I just knew we were in trouble.”

You can watch the video here:

Fallon’s crew decided they wanted to do something extra special for his first show, so they decided to ask Taylor Swift to perform. What they didn’t expect was that her appearance would be even more special than they thought.

According to Mike DiCenzo, one of the show’s writers and producers, everyone was struggling with the death of Fallon’s mother.

And here’s where Taylor Swift comes in.

All the emotion on the show was 100% real — Jimmy’s, the crew’s, and even Taylor’s.

You can watch Taylor’s performance here, including the part where she huge him:

Honestly, the whole thing is incredibly touching. Say what you want about Taylor Swift, you can love her or hate her, but you have to admit that this moment felt very raw and real, and what she did probably meant a lot to Fallon. And for that, I have to respect her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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