‘Pop-Tarts’ Clapped Back At The Guy Who Tweeted About Putting Mustard On Their Pastries And The Whole Thing Is Savage AF

Twitter / @adumsteeves

Unpopular opinion: Pop-Tarts is the most underrated snack food on Twitter. Seriously, look it up. Everyone’s always talking about how funny Wendy’s and Netflix is, but have y’all looked through Pop-Tarts’ tweets? I didn’t think so.

But what really makes Pop-Tarts so special is how they’ve been responding to the heathens who are doing disgusting, terrible things with their products. Like making cheese sandwiches out of them.

Or the person from Oklahoma who decided to dip their pastry into ranch dressing.

Or, perhaps best of all, the guy from Illinois who put mustard on his Pop-Tart.


LOLOLOL, they seriously tagged the Illinois State Police.

Luckily, the Dixon Police Department promised to take care of it if no one else did.

Okay, Pop-Tarts, you win. As of today, you are officially the king of all snack foods. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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