Judges Asked Miss Peru Contestants For Their Bra Sizes, But The Beauty Queens Gave Gender Violence Stats Instead

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I’m going to be honest — as someone who has never been part of a pageant in any way, I’ve always found parts of them a little weird. Like the body measurement section, for instance. It just seems shallow and, honestly, sexist for the most part. Am I the only one who gets super uncomfortable during it?

But beauty queens in Peru are changing up the game, and I’m LIVING for it. When judges asked them for their body measurements (including bra size), they instead responded with gender violence statistics.

Here are just some of the inspiring women and their amazing responses:

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Twitter / @badass_w
Twitter / @badass_w
Twitter / @badass_w

What I absolutely adore about this is that it not only takes the focus off of women and their “body proportionality” (okay, can’t girls just be pretty without being held to a very specific standard? Why does anyone care how big their bra size is?), it also spotlights a very important issue women face every day: femicide.

Honestly, this is what pageants should be all about — not just what the beauty queens can do (and, some would argue, objectifying women), but what they can bring awareness to. Let’s make this a trend, okay?

Keep up what you’re doing, ladies. We’re loving it. TC mark

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