I’m Calling It Now: 2018 Is The Year Of Women

Two women stand in front of the San Francisco bridge, holding up peace signs
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Is anyone else absolutely exhausted after the last few months? Twenty-seventeen in general has been total shit, but ever since the Harvey Weinstein scandal was uncovered, it’s all been downhill. Or uphill, I should say. It’s a good thing that sexual assault allegations are finally coming to light, but why does it feel so shitty?

Maybe it’s because we’re finally seeing the scope of what we’ve kind of always known: that men can be really, really fucking terrible. Of course, men aren’t the only people who have been accused of things — we shouldn’t forget what people have said about Mariah Carey and Gal Gadot — but let’s be serious here. Men are definitely the main perpetrators here, and you can @ me if you don’t agree.


So, where do we go from here? All our male faves are proving to be trash (I’m still lighting prayer candles for Adam Brody, aka Seth Cohen from the O.C., in hopes that he isn’t a terrible person), and honestly, I can’t justify supporting them anymore. Not after what we know now.

I’m calling it now: 2018 is going to be the year of women. Why? Because we’re fucking done with this shit.

It’s not exactly a secret that women aren’t always taken very seriously in today’s society, and if you don’t recognize that, you’re only fooling yourself. Why do you think there are so few women in politics? That women comedians are so rare and women writers are usually stuck in niche markets? It’s not because there aren’t plenty of people trying to fill those roles, that’s for sure.

Remember when Hillary Clinton was running for president and all anyone did was complain about her? And no, I’m not talking about all that bullshit with emails or whatever. I’m not saying she was perfect. But people overanalyzed the shit out of everything she did — how she dressed, her expressions, how low her voice was, how “ugly” she appeared on screen. As if that had anything to do with how she could’ve run a country.


Or how about how much criticism comedians like Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler get on a daily basis? Every little thing threatens to ruin their careers while male comedians still get by with every homophobic and racist joke they make. Even the less problematic ones are often tagged as “unfunny” (but seriously, have you seen Broad City or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? They’re actual gold). Not to mention that TV shows and movies that feature female main characters are usually branded as “women’s shows” or “chick flicks,” not meant for men’s eyes — and the men who do watch them are often ridiculed for it.

So, you know, instead of making excuses for all the shitty men who have been accused of sexual misconduct and continuing to support their work, why don’t we champion for women to take their place instead? There’s plenty of room at the table now that so many of our heroes have proved to be villains all along, and it’s about time we replace them with brilliant minds who are often overlooked. I think it’s what we need to do.

Look, you can call my arguments bullshit, but the fact of the matter is whether or not you like it, it’s already happening. Women won big in this years election, and even my somewhat conservative hometown elected nearly every female politician on the ballot. And after we’ve seen the kind of success feminist movies like Wonder Woman can have, I’m sure their popularity will soar. Women are done taking a backseat to men who abuse their power. We’re ready to do shit about it.

So get ready for the year of women, guys. We’ve fucking got this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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