Hollywood’s Fuckgirl, Jennifer Lawrence, Explained Why She’s Rude To Fans And It’s Complete Bullshit

Jennifer Lawrence at A Beautiful Planet world premier
NASA/Joel Kowsky

Jennifer Lawrence sat down with Adam Sandler for Variety to talk about how they navigate fame, which brought up an interesting topic: dealing with fans in public. Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t taking anyone’s shit.

She admitted that when people come up to her in public, she becomes incredibly rude. The actress explained:

I turn into a huge asshole. That’s kind of like my only way to defend myself.

She went on to say that she’s likely to mean mug fans who try to approach her and often refuses to take selfies with them. Um, okay, Jen. Wtf???

On one hand, it’s understandable — it’s probably not pleasant to constantly deal with fans all day when you’re just trying to enjoy your time with friends and family. Hell, I rarely like running into people I know, I would die if I had to talk to strangers, too. So I get it, Jen. Really, I do. You could even argue that the fans are the ones being rude, since some rarely care to give celebrities privacy.

But Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t exactly been known for her subtle reaction to celebrities. She’s Hollywood’s “girl next door,” the actress who still flips out when she meets other famous people. It’s supposedly what makes her seem cute and grounded, but in the end, it’s literally exactly what she hates other people doing to her.

I get it, it’s probably different when celebrities do it to celebrities, blah blah blah. BUT STILL. Jennifer KNOWS what it’s like to lose your cool and do stupid things in front of your heroes, so can she not be an asshole about it when the rest of us plebes do it? We’re just like you, Jen — we just have less money, fewer opportunities, and a lot less privilege.

Look, I’m not saying that Jennifer Lawrence should run around taking selfies with every breathing person on the planet, but you can politely turn someone down without being a huge douche. Check yourself, girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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