Everyone On Twitter Is Dragging Tomi Lahren’s Dumbass ‘Dear Liberal Snowflakes’ Poster

Tomi Lahren on 'The Blaze' Final Thoughts
Youtube / The Wayward Son

Oh, Tomi Lahren, how I’d hoped we’d heard the last from you. Honestly, the only thing Lahren was ever good at was strengthening the divide between young liberals and conservatives and literally nothing else — nothing she said was particularly new or insightful, and all her videos ever did was make people angrier than they already were.

You’d think by now she would have realized this, or at least would have tried taking a new path after she was fired from The Blaze. But no, Tomi Lahren is the same old Tomi Lahren, unfortunately. Which is why when she tweeted out these posters addressing “liberal snowflakes,” I wasn’t necessarily surprised.


Oh, Tomi, Tomi, Tomi. If you didn’t see the memes coming from a mile away, then you’re really the fool here.



Tomi’s poster came out only days after conservatives decided to smash their Keurigs after the company pulled ads from Sean Hannity’s show, which they did after Hannity said that people shouldn’t rush to judge Roy Moore for the sexual assault allegations against him. Not to mention that “Turning Point USA”, the organization who made the poster, had its members at Kent State University dress up as adult babies, diapers and all, to protest safe spaces.

I don’t know, doesn’t that Tomi’s whole poster seem kind of, well, fucking stupid?



You played yourself, Tomi.

Even besides the Keurig/diaper fiascos, I honestly don’t get why Tomi actually things she has the moral high ground here. She criticized liberals saying that “screaming doesn’t make you right,” but her entire platform consists of screaming at a camera how everyone who doesn’t agree with her is wrong. She claims that “nothing is free” but admitted that her parents help her pay for things because she doesn’t have the money to do so herself at the moment. There are no “safe spaces,” but she sure as hell seems like she’d like to have one to shield her from all those dissenting opinions that make her so incredibly angry. Tomi Lahren is a walking, talking contradiction — a hypocrite.

Keep crying, Tomi. I’m sure your own conservative snowflakes are going to eat it up like they always do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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