Drake Threatened A Fan Who Wouldn’t Stop Groping Women At His Concert And We’re All In Love With Him Now

The Come Up Show / Wikimedia Commons

Finally, it is the age of people not putting up with creepy ass bullshit from dudes, and I’m LIVING for it. People — even famous people — are finally speaking out about sexual harassment and it’s exactly what we need right now.

Our favorite soft boy Drake was performing at a club in Sydney, Australia, when he stopped mid-song to berate some asshole who wouldn’t stop groping some of the women in the audience.


The rapper was in the middle of performing “Know Yourself” when he addressed the groper with this threat:

“Yo, stop that shit. If you don’t stop touching girls I’m going to come out there and fuck you up. You need to stop putting your hands on girls or I’m gonna come out their and fuck you up.”

THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY SAYING THIS, DRAKE. Do you know how many people (especially men) would have just ignored it? Or who would have just pretended they didn’t notice? We need more men like this.


Drake isn’t the only rapper who has called out fans for being awful. Earlier this year, British rapper Loyle Carner kicked a man out of his concert for yelling a sexist comment at his opening act, which is honestly beautiful to me.

In a world full of Weinsteins, Westwicks and Louis C.K.s, let’s all be Drakes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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