Women Are Accusing Ben Affleck Of Groping Them After He Spoke Out Against Harvey Weinstein

Wikimedia / Gage Skidmore

A lot of celebrities and people in Hollywood have felt the need to come forward and talk about Harvey Weinstein, and for good reason — after so many instances of sexual misconduct and people’s claim that nearly everyone knew it was happening, we can’t help but wonder how Weinstein was able to get away with it for so long. How many people just pretended it wasn’t happening?

One of the actors who took to social media to talk about Weinstein was Ben Affleck, who worked with Weinstein in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting.

Except it didn’t go so well for him, because people starting calling him out.

McGowan accused Affleck of not only knowing about Weinstein’s actions, but also helping him cover them up.

Except it only got worse from him from there. Women began coming forward to talk about the times he harassed them, like when he grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breast on MTV’s Total Request Live.



Affleck also used Twitter to apologize for that incident…

…but it was too late. The accusations began pouring out against him. Makeup artist Annemarie Tendler had a similar story.





And she wasn’t the only one.


While Affleck hasn’t yet acknowledged these new allegations, this certainly isn’t the first time he found himself in the midst of controversy surrounding sexual misconduct. After his brother Casey Affleck was accused of sexually harassing several women, Ben was mysteriously silent.



It seems like the allegations against Weinstein have been having a domino affect, and those who have remained silent are beginning to come out into the open. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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