Who Wore It Better: This Smokin’ Hot Model Or His Baby Nephew Who Won’t Stop Trolling Him On Instagram?

Model Aristotle Polites and his cute nephew Augie who trolls him on Instagram
Instagram / @babyandthebody

I don’t know why, but when you hear someone’s name is “Aristotle”, you just know he’s gonna be hot. Not like, “Oh, I thought our server at Applebees was cute, I’ll leave him my number” hot, but “I just made eye contact with a dude on the train and I think I’m pregnant now” hot. Do you know what I mean?

Here, let me give you an example: this is Aristotle Polites, a NYC-based model.

Um hi hello sir can you please stop doing that to my ovaries?

But some people are immune to his charm, namely his older sister Katina Behm, who decided to troll her lil bro by dressing up her toddler exactly like him to see who truly does it better — the hot model or the adorable little kid?

Honestly, this is a tough call.

Just look at this lil baby’s intense focus as he attempts to outdo is uncle. Aristotle may have the body and charm, but little Augie has a true talent that goes beyond looks and age.

Is this what baby fever feels like???

Sorry Aristotle, I think the baby wins. (Also, call me.) TC mark

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