This Woman’s List Of Things She Won’t Put Up With From Men Anymore Will Inspire You To Dump The Fuckboy In Your Life

A list of things this artist won't put up with anymore
Instagram / @bymariandrew

Everyone has done it — you get a huge crush on someone, sometimes even get the feels, and suddenly you start letting them get away with things you always said you’d never put up with. You make excuses and try to justify it, but at the end of the day, the truth is you were willing to settle for something you knew you didn’t deserve. Lesson learned, hopefully.

But this Instagram artist decided to make a list of the things she’s no longer putting up with from men, and honestly, the whole thing is inspiring.

The list includes “Men whom I do not dazzle,” “Men who respond to my most sparkling witty text with a tepid ‘haha’,” “Men who make me second guess myself” and “Men who don’t know what they want right now.”

Honestly, I think all women (and hey, yes, even men!) should make a list like this and pin it to their bedroom wall so they’re forever reminded that they deserve better. Personally, my list includes “Men who make you feel like I’m crazy” and “Men who can’t make up their mind about me.” The list goes on and on.

Having these kind of standards isn’t stuck up — it’s healthy. You have to know what you deserve to get what you deserve. And darling, trust me, you deserve better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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