This Woman Took Selfies With Every Man Who Catcalled Her For A Month And Posted The Whole Damn Thing To Instagram

a woman takes a selfie with the men who catcalled her on the street
Instagram / @dearcatcallers

If you’re a woman, there’s a 100% chance you’ve been catcalled before. It’s a problem that’s rampant all over the world, and it’s not going to get better until people bring awareness to it.

That’s why this woman decided to take selfie with every man that catcalled her for an entire month to show not only how often it happened but to show that it could happen anywhere, while she was wearing anything.

The project was also meant to shame the men who harassed and objectified her, whether they realized it or not.

Honestly, her expression says it all.

And so did the men’s expressions.

Some of them were truly scary.

It seriously goes on and on.

Honestly, reading the captions was enough to give me the creeps alone. But what’s scarier is the realization that all these men look so normal — they are just people you’d see anywhere. They are sons, fathers, brothers, classmates, and friends. They could be anyone you know.

I wish I could say I can’t imagine what going through all of that was like for her, but the truth is most women do know what she feels like — we’ve all be the target of unwanted attention. Hopefully casting a spotlight on the problem is the first step toward making the harassment stop. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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