This Guy Took Wedding Pictures For His Sister And Photoshopped The Creepy Clown From ‘It’ In Every Damn One

In this week’s episode of “How siblings are simultaneously the best and the worst,” this photographer who took his sister’s wedding photos reminds us exactly why you never ask your brother for help with something important, because you will regret it for the rest of your life. I mean it.

You see, when Buzzfeed writer Jesse McLaren was asked to take the photos, he didn’t say no to his sister, but he did make things about 1,000 times harder than they had to be. How? He photoshopped the damn clown from It in every. Single. Photo.

Twitter / @McJesse

No, I’m serious.

Twitter / @McJesse

They’re all so cute and lovey-dovey until you notice Pennywise the Dancing Clown lurking in the background, waiting to strike.

Twitter / @McJesse

This photo took me a second to really see it, but once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it.

Twitter / @McJesse

Honestly, I would cancel my whole damn wedding over these photos. I’d be furious. But luckily the Internet loved it, so I guess Jesse got at least one win out of this?

However, some Twitter users noticed something even scarier than the clown.

Seriously, future hubby, what’s with the pants?

(Sidenote: if this became canon, she would not be the only person who would want to marry the creepy-ass and yet somehow sexy clown from It.)

I guess you could say there’s a lot of horrific shit going on at once.

Congrats to the happy couple? TC mark

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