This Guy On Twitter Hilariously Misinterprets People’s Photoshop Requests And It’ll Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

Jamie Fridman misinterprets your tweets in hilarious ways
Twitter / @fjamie013

Have you ever taken a photo and thought, “Wow, this would be just a little better if something was just a little different?” Well, this guy will take all your pictures and photoshop them to fit your needs — except, well, not exactly how you think he will.

Twitter user James Fridman rose to Internet fame though his bizarre edits, which is no surprise once you actually see them — they will genuinely make you laugh your ass off. For instance, this guy asked to look a little younger, and, well…

And this dude wanted him to fix his terrible shorts problem.

Some of his abstract interpretations are just so weird you can’t help but laugh out loud.

And some of his posts are surprisingly touching.

The best kind of person can make you laugh while simultaneously reminding you about what’s important in life. Still, you may want to think twice before asking him to edit your wedding photos. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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