This Guy Drunkenly Wrote A Letter To Denmark Asking If He Could Have Greenland And They Actually Responded

Okay, let’s just be honest: we all do stupid shit when we’re drunk. I’ve climbed up construction cranes and found myself in weird neon paint parties in abandoned basement buildings. It happens, alright?

So honestly, I can’t really blame this dude for getting drunk and writing a letter to Denmark (yes, the country) about borrowing Greenland for a bit.

Reddit / ChefShwasty

In the letter, Imgur user  (or Joe) explained that he and his friend wanted to own a country but decided to start out small (though, don’t worry, he had managerial experience. Just look at his resume!) He struck a deal with the country: if Denmark handed over Greenland, he would give them his Hugh Thomassen autograph, several cans of “Surge!”, and some Rolling Stones issues (after he’s already read them, of course). He also came up with the brilliant idea that they could all share video games.

While the letter is hilarious in itself, the real kicker is this: Denmark actually responded to the letter.

Reddit / ChefShwasty

So, yeah, Denmark wasn’t exactly keen on giving up Greenland. But they did send him a job application to work there, which is kind of a cool alternative.

So, yeah, Joe may not have gotten an entire country, but he did get pretty wild story out of this. According to Joe, the letters now hang in his mother’s bedroom, proof that even though he’s pretty shitty at building an empire, he has truly brought honor upon his family. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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