This Guy Didn’t Know How To Ask His Crush Out So His English Professor Helped Him Draft The Perfect Text

Twitter / @squidslippers

Professors: not only do they teach us important critical skills, they teach us about life. At least, the good ones do. Like this professor, who used one of her class concepts — ethos, pathos, and logos in a persuasive argument — to help her student land a date.

According to Twitter user Jake, he’s not exactly great at talking to girls. So his professor made him this chart explaining the argument he needed to make if he really wanted to take his crush Hannah out.

Twitter / @squidslippers

And, according to Jake, he “ethos, logos, pathosed” his way right into a date.

Twitter / @squidslippers

Even Twitter thought the text was perfect.

But also, we might need some formal evidence before we believe something like that could even happen.

But if it is true, just let me know what school you go to, the class code, and who the professor is. You know, because I’m curious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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