This Crazy New Spotify Hack Will Get You Pumped For ‘Stranger Things 2’

Eleven in the upside down on Stranger Things 2 sneak peek
Youtube / MCM Comic Con

It’s the eve of the Stranger Things 2 release and if you’re like me, you’re probably counting down the hours till Netflix unveils the new episodes. The first season blew fans away last year, even collecting 18 Emmy nominations, so it’s fair to say that we all expect to be wowed by its sequel — and just in time for Halloween.

But if you’re having trouble waiting for Netflix to release the episodes (guilty as charged), Spotify’s new hack will get you pumped. Seriously, just go to the “Stranger Things 2,” the show’s original soundtrack, and press play. The nostalgia won’t be the only thing that transports you to the Upside Down.

As the music plays, your browser will go dark and take on the surreal quality of the Upside Down as a flashlight-like beam streaks across the page (Joyce, is that you???) It’ll give you all the Stranger Things feels, and maybe even a bit of anxiety as you remember Eleven is probably stuck somewhere in that terrible, terrible place.

The Spotify Easter egg may be just a small little thing, but at this point, anything could get me excited about the new season. Get ready, guys. All your favorite characters are coming back, and I feel like this Spotify hack isn’t the only way we’ll find ourselves back in the Upside Down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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