These Police Officers Just Got Assigned Their Big/Little Pairs And It’s The Cutest Damn Thing On The Internet

Police Officers with their big and little
Twitter / @NW_UPD

Everyone knows that when sororities reveal their big/littles, it’s a huge day full of love, laughter, and living (that’s what those pillows they gift each other usually say, right?). But why has no one been talking about the fact that sometimes police units get big/littles, too???

The Northwest Missouri State Police Department just revealed the officers’ matches, and oh my god it’s the cutest shit EVER.

Please indulge with me.

Here’s a picture of the big reveal (no pun intended but that did work out quite nicely).

Twitter / @NW_UPD

And here’s a picture of them just enjoying each other’s company, as big/littles do.

Twitter / @NW_UPD

But seriously I can’t get over this cuteness.

Twitter / @NW_UPD

Just look at this proud big and his glowing little.

Twitter / @NW_UPD

Of course people were obsessed. Why wouldn’t they be?

Even those who have felt wronged in the past by the police department can’t deny how perfect it is.

I would like to start a petition that requires EVERY police department to do this. No exceptions. Photos required. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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