Ted Cruz Just Made A Joke About Being The Zodiac Killer And Murdered All The Memes

Ted Cruz as the Zodiac Killer
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There has always been drama in politics, but this past day has been D-R-A-M-A. Like “I just dumped Dr. Pepper all over Ted Cruz and then he admitted to being to Zodiac Killer” drama. Because, like, that actually happened.

Yep, Ben Sasse dumped Dr. Pepper on Ted Cruz. What started as a little accident suddenly escalated into a huge Twitter “joke”. I use quotation marks because I am starting to believe that everything the two tweeted are just veiled truths the government doesn’t want you to know.

Cruz started off the “innocent” exchange with this tweet.

Haha, how cute, right? Right???

And then Sasse responded to this bystander’s sassy tweet (come on, we were all thinking it).

But then, slowly, THE TRUTH CAME OUT. One Twitter user made a joke referring to the conspiracy theories that Cruz’s dad was part of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and Sasse just ran with it.


In case you forgot (or, I don’t know, lived under a rock during the 2016 election season), there was a running joke last year that Ted Cruz was, in fact, the Zodiac Killer. Cruz never publicly acknowledged the claim, but apparently even he can’t escape the dank memes.

It was all fun and games until Cruz came in and murdered our vibe.

Wow, I can’t wait till 2017 is over. TC mark

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