Michelle Obama’s Emotional Anniversary Post To Barack Will Make You Wish They Were In The White House Again

Barack and Michelle Obama on their wedding day
Twitter / @MichelleObama

Whenever my friends ask me, “If you had to be in a throuple with a celebrity couple, who would you choose?” I always say the Obamas. Why? Because they’re perfect, and my undying love for them grows stronger every day.

Today’s their 25th anniversary, which is a huge milestone for the couple. And what better way to celebrate than a well-worded tweet?

Seriously, could they be more perfect?

I honestly miss seeing this power couple in the White House — they exemplified love, friendship, and respect, an example our country sorely needs. Honestly, they make me pretty emotional, and I’m not the only one.


Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids. Now please, get yourselves back into the Oval Office. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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