Dove’s New Soap Ad Is Super Racist And Everyone On Twitter Is Pissed

Twitter / @blackgalsmagic

Well, Dove did it again: they managed to piss off a ton of people with one simple advertising campaign. Am I surprised? No. Am I pissed? You bet.

The ad involves a black woman wearing a brown shirt, which she takes off to reveal white skin and a white shirt, which many people are taking to the Internet to call racist.

Um, okay??? Dove??? What the fuck?????

I mean, what else are we supposed to think, though? How could anyone actually think this was a good idea?

Historically, soap has been known as a product with racist advertisements — and is it any surprise? In the past, white skin was societally considered more “clean,” which led to some pretty terrible depictions of People of Color.

And it’s not like this is the first time Dove has been under fire for racist advertisements.

Listen to me carefully, Dove: before you put out another advertising campaign, test it in a room full of woke Millennials. They’ll shut this shit down fast. TC mark

Callie Byrnes

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