21 Hilariously Relatable ‘Strangers Things 2’ Posts To Hold You Over Till Season 3

Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers for ‘Stranger Things 2’ (duh)
Dustin and Steven in Stranger Things 2
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If you’re like me, you definitely spent this past weekend binging Stranger Things 2, only to realize that, once you finished episode nine, you didn’t know what to do. Are you telling me that we have to wait a year before we get to see our lovable characters again?!?!

Until then, I’m going to be searching the Stranger Things 2 tag on every website I go to because I fell in love with the show all over again and I’m just not ready to let it go just yet. This should hold you over for a bit, too.

1. Why do we all have so little self-control???

I watched the whole thing in one night, and all I have to ask is: what the hell is wrong with me???

2. We may be a little too in love with our ragtag group of kids.

As if you didn’t think about it, too.

3. We’re all still crying about Bob the Brain, WHO DESERVED BETTER.

4. Honestly, this should be the ‘Stranger Things’ theme song at this point.

5. This season we were graced with the most heartwarming scenes, which probably cured every disease and mental illness the world has ever seen.

6. We were all Nancy at the Snow Ball.

7. Suddenly we’re all shipping Joyce and Hopper (but nowhere near as much as actor David Harbour, aka Hopper, does).

8. Eleven’s “emo phase” was a little more extreme than mine ever was.

Seriously, all I had was black outfits and terrible hair.

9. We were all ride or die for Mike and Eleven.

10. Not quite as ride or die as Mike and Eleven were, though.

11. Also, can we just talk about Steve’s character development?

12. Like, we’re all pretty obsessed with Steve the Mom tbh.

13. Seriously, OBSESSED.

14. We all thought it was cute when Hopper adopted Eleven, but…

15. Even irl Steve (aka actor Joe Keery) was in on the joke.

Bonus: Ben Shwartz (aka Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec) kindly corrected him that he actually has five other children, thank you very much.

16. Okay sorry one more.


18. And if you weren’t obsessed with the Steve/Dustin bromance, did you even watch the show?

19. If you claim you didn’t crave Eggos at least once while watching it, you’re a LIAR.

20. Is it weird that I now have nostalgia for a time I wasn’t even alive???

21. Okay this was fun and all but we’re ready for Stranger Things 3.

Get on it, Duffer Brothers. TC mark


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