Twitter Users Describe What ‘It’s Creepy Clown Would Have To Say To Get Them Into The Sewer And The Answers Are Hilariously Relatable

Youtube / Warner Bros. Pictures and Twitter / @Phil_Lewis_

The newest adaption of Steven King’s “It” has finally made it into theaters, and it has all of us asking the same question: what would Pennywise have to say to get you into that damn sewer?

Twitter user pennydook shipper decided to ask the Internet for their answers, and people definitely got creative.

I am almost ashamed of how relatable these tweets are.

Does Pennywise have some sort of magical power that can bring One Direction back together? Asking for a friend.

Even Chance the Rapper played along.

But, like, can you blame him???

Okay, honestly, as much as I hate clowns and “It” has me shaking in my boots, there are a few things I’d probably let myself be lured away with…

Yep, we’d all be doomed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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