This Rock Band Of Nuns Will Inspire You Defy Stereotypes And Follow Your Dreams

Siervas, a band of Peruvian nuns, in their music video for "Confía en Dios"
Youtube / VydiaPopVEVO

If you haven’t heard of the rock band “Siervas”, you sure aren’t the only one. But I’m going to change that right this instant because everyone needs to know: this Peruvian band is made up entirely of nuns. Yes, you read that right.

These 11 sisters decided to follow their dreams and do what they love when they formed their band in the convent they were living in. Now they travel far and wide performing their music, wearing their traditional garb the entire time.

People tend to forget that nuns are normal people too, and that before they took their vows to God, they grew up listening to the same music the rest of us did. Is it really any surprise that some of them had dreams to become musicians, too?

Seriously, just take a moment to take in these rockin’ ladies.

But as much as it may sound like one, these nuns are no joke. They’ve already garnered millions of views on YouTube, which is a few million more than I ever have.

People are already in love with the nontraditional band, and we’re honestly just hoping this becomes a new Thing.

We also kind of hope they start doing ironic covers, but no pressure.

Let’s all follow in these nuns’ footsteps and break free of the mold. Defy stereotypes and do what you want to do — apparently, God approves. TC mark

Callie Byrnes

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