This New iPhone Feature Might Actually Save Your Life And Everyone Needs To Turn It On Immediately

Unsplash / Radovan Paska

Rarely do I care for iPhone hacks, but this one is a big one: there’s a way to send emergency calls with just a few clicks of a button, and it’s everything you never knew you needed.

There’s now a function in settings called “Emergency SOS“, which allows you to send a message to emergency services if you’re in a bad situation you’re unable to text or call anyone in. All you have to do is rapidly press the sleep/wake button on the side of your phone five times and your phone will automatically alert them, as well as any emergency contacts you may have saved in your phone.

It may seem like a strange feature to some, but it’s truly an important one, especially for women who may someday find themselves in an unsafe situation but aren’t able to call for help or don’t feel safe doing so.

Seriously, ladies, enable this feature NOW. It could make a huge difference in the future, and your safety is our main concern. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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